Free From Lockdown w/ Mark Knight, Pola & Bryson, Seb Zito & More

Free From Lockdown w/ Mark Knight, Pola & Bryson, Seb Zito & More

We return to our spiritual home, The Steel Yard for a concept series having the best acts from all genres spanning the Electronic Music scene, whilst socially distancing but still having the best quality sound and atmosphere.

🔥 Socially Distanced Events
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Mark Knight & Lola – 04.10.2020
We welcome Toolroom's Head Honcho Mark Knight for the first instalment of our 'Free From Lockdown' Series – This is Mark's first time on the infamous Steel yard soundsystem and we can't wait to dance the blues away, albeit in a safe way.

Seb Zito & Ray Mono – 11.10.2020

Do Not Sleep join us for a socially distance knees up at The Steel Yard with Fuse's Seb Zito and a rising talent in Ray Mono on Sun 11th Oct 2020!

Event Page:

Pola & Bryson – 11.10.2020

Our first instalment of our DnB Free From Lockdown shows is something we have been looking forward to for a while! You know the drill with Steel Yard, its the perfect venue for 174bpm. Joining us for a crazy Sunday are Shogun Audio associates Pola & Bryson and Monnroe. Flexout boss Bassi will be doing partnering with Brix for a special set whilst up and coming stars Nuance support with Visionobi on hosting duties.


September 23, 2020


Into our 16th instalment with Drum & Bass producer, originally from Kazakhstan, Command Strange teaming up with American MC TRAC. Being no strangers to each other's flows, they complement their individual versatility in this quickfire mix.

Drifting through gritty basslines and rolling breaks, Command Strange puts together an energetic mix for us that bounces along with TRAC's catchy hooks and lyrical rhymes throughout ... enjoy!

September 23, 2020


Moving into our 15th FFS guest mix, with a bass ridden hour of 100% original material from Hypho and his counterparts on his own label Manuka.

The Swamp81 affiliate delivers an eclectic mix of UK Bass riddims, flowing through Garage, Breaks, UK Funky, and Dubstep with cheeky vocal samples alongside catchy hooks keeping the groove going throughout.

September 18, 2020


For our next FFS Mix installment, we welcome non-other than Chris Inperspective, the recent founder of the non-profit organisation Black Junglist Alliance and of Inperspective Records.

He delivers a controlled smooth blend of intricate breaks softened by soulful ambiances and soundscapes that flows through the entire mix. Holding a warm emotional tone throughout, it is a sure-fire hit to lighten up the last of you summer days...

Chris Inperspective:

September 08, 2020


One of Manchester's finest DJ and producer, Djinn steps up for our 13th FFS mix. Known for her versatility and uncompromising style which captures the raw essence of Jungle & DnB. From a deep selection of intricate breaks with dark dubbed-out basslines, atmospheric cuts, & forward-thinking soundscapes.

For us, she delivers a masterful flow of atmospheres and emotions driven by a mellay of breaks, poly-rhythms, and in-your-face kickdrums that effortlessly blend into each other. Definitely not one to go unnoticed...
August 21, 2020


This week for our 12th FFS guest mix, we welcome Galician born DJ and Producer David Granha. With more than 15 years in the electronic music scene, and a prolific discography in labels such as Sincopat, Selador, Parquet, and Einmusik he delivers a masterfully put together mix flowing through various soundscapes.

Flowing through dark and melodic sounds and bases with a roughened grit to them warmed by soft melodies, He presents a mix full of sound with class and elegance.
August 18, 2020


For our 11th mix installment, we welcome the maestro DOORLY.  Hailed as one of the most technically gifted DJs of his generation, as well as producer extraordinaire, record label boss, and more, He is without question one of the world’s most regarded electronic artists.

He delivers an hour of groove and soul-driven tracks, with inspirations drawing to an era of Italo and Chicago House. Masterfully mixed together for you all to enjoy!

August 04, 2020


To mark our 10th FFS mix installment we turn to Audio Porn founder Shimon where he delivers his first mix since lockdown bringing us a bunch of fresh new selections.

Bring his usual taste for catchy drum beats and memorable bassline's, He weaves through a wealth of groovy patterns and high energy rhythms... this is surely not one to miss!

July 28, 2020
Free From Sleep Mix Competition - The Winner

Free From Sleep Mix Competition - The Winner

The judges have made their choices on their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places from the Top 10 mixes we received in the competition. Check out their reason and the overall winners. Here goes.....


  1. Solsan Really love the pace of this mix, it feels effortless. It's very stylised and doesn't wonder off any tangents. Its deep and dark the whole way through, just the way I like it.
  2. Rift I thought I was going to like the name when I saw the name pop up as I've been sent some great music by him. Needless to say rift didn't disappoint, great track selection and really nice journey with loads of energy.
  3. Ghost Hardware Loads of tunes from my label mixed really well, what is there not to like about it!
  1. k.o. Love the pace vibe and atmosphere and how this set builds and appreciate it for it being different to the usual offerings seemed pretty well thought out
  2. Rift I like this one for its more rolling vibe no messing about just nice minimal bass rollers of different vibes all well put together
  3. Ghost Hardware I'm all about good mixing as well as selection and this displays both aspects really well so really enjoyed this, nice transitions nice selection 
  1. Brown.E Has a lot of individual / unique style to the way he plays. Good tune selection and avoids the obvious big tunes so many DJ’s feel the need to rely on. This mix shows you don’t have to.
  2. Rift Mixes felt pretty well put together overall and a solid tune selection for me personally.
  3. (Joint). k.o & Rhythm 中條梨杜夢 k.o you can see building a night up perfectly from the off in a venue with this kind of set. Great selection. Same goes for Rhythm, what I like about this set is the track selection and the way it’s constructed, the kind of deep blends that sit so nicely together you can often hardly tell it’s happening before your ears, well constructed.
  1. k.o Love the selection here. Right up my street. The darker downtempo builds up throughout the mix of impeccable selection which is flawlessly mixed. Perfect warm-up vibes for a Shogun Audio event.
  2. Brown.E This expertly curated mix is a history lesson of absolute belters. The technique and selection couldn’t be more on point. Love it! I think this kind of set would complete the evening perfectly as you reminisce and sing along with your hands in the air.
  3. DJ Mix r WOAH - the energy levels here are ridiculous. The mixing throughout is on point! Some of the doubles on this could give Andy C and Friction a run for their money. The selection features bangers new and old blended together with perfection. Could hear this at an Elevate Records show for sure! GET ME IN THE RAVE! 


  1. Rhythm 中條梨杜夢 Rolling from the start till end, this mix is a straight-up translation of what drum and bass is at the core. If I have to introduce the music to someone new with a DJ mix, this would be the one for me. Raw vibes!
  2. k.o This mix sounds very current, I really enjoyed the groovy selection and flow, talented DJ!
  3. Solsan I'm really feeling the dark and deep vibes on this one. His original beats are pretty dope too, surely one to watch!


  1. Rift You cannot fault anything about this mix! Rift has smashed it with this one - This requires big sound systems and would love to hear this style of mixing at one of our events. 
  2. Dan Eagleton I knew I would love this mix within the first 30 seconds. I could definitely see this kind of set being played at a Spearhead Presents event. Great track selection, seamless mixing and the perfect liquid mix for all those summer feels. 
  3. PavZ DnB This was a no brainer as this kind of mixing was what got me into DnB – Fast paced, mad energy and countless bangers. 

And the winners are.......

After all of that it was a draw between Rift and k.o, so we decided to have them both win rather than try and pick one over the other, they were great mixes. Hear their mixes below and Thank you so much for everyone that entered, it's been a blast x







July 22, 2020


For our 9th mix installment, we switch up the vibe with Brazilian Techno producer Allan Feytor. The Berlin-based, Chromium Music founder, has been paving his way through the electronic music scene of the last 20 years 
while pushing the boundaries with his studio explorations blending the old school techno Drums with unique groove and Acid lines.

With recent releases on Ian Axide's label Emphatic Records and on Vinicius Honorio’s Liberta Records, Allan channels his tasteful production and selection in this power-hour mix of industrial and hypnotic techno sound... not one to be missed!
July 21, 2020


For our 8th mix instalment we have Overview records affiliate Wingz takeover. No stranger when it comes to deep and techy Drum & Bass, the Viennese producer has been steadily releasing music at a growing rate over the last few years, having stepped up a gear as we move through 2020. With more music on the horizon and on some of the scenes most respected labels, Wingz is an artist well and truly cementing his name.

Wingz jampacks a heavy dosage of pounding drums and tech-heavy warping bass in this hour-long mix, weaving through a diverse range of break patterns and ambient moods. The perfect soundtrack to get your week going:



Free From Sleep:


Free From Sleep Mix Competition - The Final 10

Free From Sleep Mix Competition - The Final 10

We experienced a crazy turn out for this competition, almost triple what we were aiming for. After countless hours listening to them and annoying the neighbours (they well and truly know the Workforce Remix of 'The Edge of Time'), I've managed to whittle it down to the Top 10 who the judges will be judging. I've given a little bit of info, why they made it into the Top 10 which was incredibly hard to decide. About 30 mixes could've got in there, the quality was that high which is only a good thing. I also tried to make sure that the sub-genres were as fairly reflected as possible as we had so many different styles which was awesome to see. Check them out here:

1. k.o

I've listened to this mix more than once, if you like a more down tempo intro, building up in pace, this is for you. Flawless mixing and an interesting track selection meant that this was too hard to not put into the Final 10.

Including Tracks by -  Skeptical, dbridge & Friske

2. Rhythm 中條梨杜夢

Really well crafted mix, thought about the track selection and how they complimented each other. 

Including Tracks By -  Breakage, Vicious Circle, Bungle

3. PavZ DnB

If you like full throttle and quick mixes then give this a listen, its a belter of a mix. 

Including Tracks by Dutta, Bou and Disrupta

4. Brown.E

A gnarly set of absolute tunes, when I heard this and it came early on in the entry process I thought it would be in the best mixes and alas it is. If you like this and want somewhere to find more tracks similar, there is a Facebook Group called Diggin In The Crates, well worth checking out!

Includes Tracks by - Dillinja, Photek and Calibre

5. DJ Mix r

If you want a mix that can compare the style of Andy C and A.M.C then this is for you. Crazy level off skill to mix this quickly so props to that and almost every mix is faultless. 

Including Tracks by - Pendulum, Bad Company and The Prototypes

6. Solsan

Solsan · Free From Sleep Mix Comp 2020 - Solsan

This mix was almost impossible to ignore due to the fact that Solsan has included a fair amount of his own tracks. Check them out and give him some feedback!

Including Tracks by - Bredren, Philth and Enei.

 7. Dan Eagleton

Surprisingly there were very few liquid mixes in the competition. This one though, just sit back in the sun and chill out to. 

Including Tracks by - Whiney, LSB and Technimatic.

8. Rift

If you like Artists from Critical, 1985 and Flexout get this on and play it loud. Some of the switch ups are impeccable and makes me miss clubs and large sound systems even more! Solid mix.

Including Tracks by Amoss, Mefjus and Alix Perez.

9. Broken Faders

Sometimes its not about mixing and chopping as quickly as possible to be the best at mixing, sometimes its about digging and finding the best tunes. Listen to this mix and let it get to 12 mins in, pure madness. Love the fact there is a Djrum tune in there as well. 

Including Tracks by Om Unit, Monty, Red Eyes.

10. Ghost Hardware

Its pretty hard to fault this mix, fast paced and would be happy if I heard Ghost Hardware play at an event I was at. Again if you like the 1985, Flexout sound you will enjoy this. We had so many mixes in this sub-genre it was tough to decide but this one nailed it. 

Tracks by - QZB, Particle and Wingz

These are my Top 10, now its over to the judges! Good luck.

July 07, 2020