FFS Live: Virus at The Steel Yard

With an endless back-catalogue of recordings from some of our most memorable night, we have started to release for you some of our favourite mixes for these events. With our first series of clips coming from our last Virus Recordings show on the 1st of February 2020, a night full of energy and memories...

First we look back at Cause4Concern's live set, a special occasion where he paid homage to his late friend Optiv, which turned into a highlight of the night.


Then we moved on to the figure-heads of the label Ed Rush & Optical which on this occasion were accompanied by RymeTyme, in what was a masterful mix from the longstanding duo.


Continuing on we had, a power hour delivered by BTK and RymeTyme, who seamlessly reflect the crowd's energy on the night with twisted pounding breaks and smooth lyrical flows. 


And finally for the 4th recording from Virus's sold-out show back in February we give you an intricate hour of techy and Neurofunk fueled basslines from DnB duo Gydra.

September 27, 2020