FFS006: Paul T & Edward Oberon

Stepping up for the 6th instalment of our Free From Sleep podcast are V Recordings affiliates Paul T & Edward Oberon. Bringing their sophisticated blend of soulful yet dirty Drum & Bass, the duo provide a refreshing mix of melodic breaks, pace-driven drums and classic Jungle soundscapes.

Showcasing some of their favourite tunes of the moment alongside a host of exclusives as they near the completion of their debut album. This is surely not one to be missed and we leave you to enjoy with some word from the artists themselves:

“Some of us are dealing with the realities of partial lockdown, social distancing, rioting, and protesting... This is the world right now for lots of us, if not all of us. Let the music play loudly. Listen to this and remember why we love drum and bass music, why we love the dance and why we have the scene we have. This is for and about every one of us and for the well-being of arts and music in general - we all contribute to the things we love. Black Lives Matter and be ready to smash any system which oppresses humanity and stands in the way of equal rights. Together we soldier through to the future stomping racism, bigotry and financial oppression with every step we take. Educate those around you, Fight the good fight, Stay safe and Enjoy.”


??? - ???
Lupo & Alchemist - Shadow Boxing
Teej - Connect
Sublow Hz - Shake It
Voltage - Cold Air
Dunk - The Creator
Voltage - Space Station
Serum & Dutta - Wash Away
Disrupta - Bad Guy
Dunk - Black Brown
Dunk - The Bells
Critical Dub & L Side - Original Don
Bou & Trigger - Veteran Vip
Furniss - Without You
Kumarachi - Old School Style
Critical Impact & Jakes - Hijack
L Side - Da Style
L Side - What's it all about
Lupo - Rude Boy
Jappa & Alchemist - One Spliff A Day VIP
Dj Andy - Anything Test
??? - ???
Furniss - Head Nod
Serum - The Finger VIP
Myth - Sabotage
Furniss - Whispers
Alchemist - Think
Teej - Erasure
Paul T & Edward Oberon - Moon In Your Eyes Refix
Paul T & Edward Oberon - Burning
Sublow Hz - Scorpion Styles
Jappa - Can't Run Away VIP
Alchemist - Reflections
Voltage - Resistance
??? - ???
Serum & Voltage - Cyber Funkin

Paul T & Edward Oberon online...


June 11, 2020