FFS058: Air Jackson

We’re thrilled to have Air Jackson provide us with our next exclusive mix. As a DJ and live performer, the former Amsterdam resident Air Jackson knows how to traverse genres, finding exciting, unpredictable links as he goes. From d&b to house, techno to breakbeat, he roams free, but often ties his selections together with an all-important melody. “I’m genre-fluid,” he says, “if I like it I’ll make it.”
This mix features exclusive tracks from his brand new EP out on 26th November, keep your eyes peeled n ears open.

Listen here


Air Jackson - Everytime
Overmono - Bby
Subjoi - Steadfast
Bryan Kush - Some Day
Ross From Friends - Life In A Mind
Seb Wildblood - MDS w/Theophilus London (Warehouse Mix)
Elkka - Harmonic Frequencies
Krotone - The Mind
Stratton - Double Happiness (Happy Daze Remix)
Waleed - Se Rompen
Air Jackson - Everytime (Bailey Ibbs Remix)
Wata Igarashi - Bones
Meg Ward - Real Hawt
Bodhi - SQU
Yanling - Crimson

October 26, 2021