Free From Sleep Mix Competition - The Final 10

We experienced a crazy turn out for this competition, almost triple what we were aiming for. After countless hours listening to them and annoying the neighbours (they well and truly know the Workforce Remix of 'The Edge of Time'), We've managed to whittle it down to the Top 10 who the judges will be judging.

We've given a little bit of info, why they made it into the Top 10 which was incredibly hard to decide. About 30 mixes could've got in there, the quality was that high which is only a good thing. We also tried to make sure that the sub-genres were as fairly reflected as possible as we had so many different styles which was awesome to see. Check them out here:

1. k.o

We listened to this mix more than once, if you like a more down tempo intro, building up in pace, this is for you. Flawless mixing and an interesting track selection meant that this was too hard to not put into the Final 10.

Including Tracks by -  Skeptical, dbridge & Friske

2. Rhythm 中條梨杜夢

Really well crafted mix, thought about the track selection and how they complimented each other. 

Including Tracks By -  Breakage, Vicious Circle, Bungle

3. PavZ DnB

If you like full throttle and quick mixes then give this a listen, its a belter of a mix. 

Including Tracks by Dutta, Bou and Disrupta

4. Brown.E

A gnarly set of absolute tunes, when we heard this and it came early on in the entry process we thought it would be in the best mixes and alas it is. If you like this and want somewhere to find more tracks similar, there is a Facebook Group called Diggin In The Crates, well worth checking out!

Includes Tracks by - Dillinja, Photek and Calibre

5. DJ Mix r

If you want a mix that can compare the style of Andy C and A.M.C then this is for you. Crazy level off skill to mix this quickly so props to that and almost every mix is faultless. 

Including Tracks by - Pendulum, Bad Company and The Prototypes

6. Solsan

Solsan · Free From Sleep Mix Comp 2020 - Solsan

This mix was almost impossible to ignore due to the fact that Solsan has included a fair amount of his own tracks. Check them out and give him some feedback!

Including Tracks by - Bredren, Philth and Enei.

 7. Dan Eagleton

Surprisingly there were very few liquid mixes in the competition. This one though, just sit back in the sun and chill out to. 

Including Tracks by - Whiney, LSB and Technimatic.

8. Rift

If you like Artists from Critical, 1985 and Flexout get this on and play it loud. Some of the switch ups are impeccable and makes me miss clubs and large sound systems even more! Solid mix.

Including Tracks by Amoss, Mefjus and Alix Perez.

9. Broken Faders

Sometimes its not about mixing and chopping as quickly as possible to be the best at mixing, sometimes its about digging and finding the best tunes. Listen to this mix and let it get to 12 mins in, pure madness. Love the fact there is a Djrum tune in there as well. 

Including Tracks by Om Unit, Monty, Red Eyes.

10. Ghost Hardware

Its pretty hard to fault this mix, fast paced and would be happy if we heard Ghost Hardware play at an event we was at. Again if you like the 1985, Flexout sound you will enjoy this. We had so many mixes in this sub-genre it was tough to decide but this one nailed it. 

Tracks by - QZB, Particle and Wingz

These are my Top 10, now its over to the judges! Good luck.

July 07, 2020