Premiere: Kray — Stop [Eloisa]

Release Date — 30th April
Overview Music
Formed of a worldwide, never-before-seen coalition of drum and bass labels taking a stand against racism, Stand Together are very proud to present the inaugural Stand Together LP.

The LP is a joyous explosion of sound; a multi-faceted melding of soundscapes from a diverse and grassroots selection of artists from around the globe. Bringing together artists from the UK, the Netherlands, Mexico, the USA, China, Australia, Korea and so much more it exemplifies what the project is all about; breaking boundaries, building bridges and showcasing excellent music from marginalised communities.

There’s something for everyone and every palate too, whether you like it dark and techy, light and liquid or fathoms deep, you’re catered for here.

A thing of beauty, hope and positivity, the Stand Together LP is much more than the sum of its parts and it is out on April 30th.

April 16, 2021