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Virus - Hoody (Black)

Virus - Hoody (Black)

Limited edition Virus anti-facial recognition T-Shirt

Hyperface was created to fool facial recognition. Everybody has the right to remain anonymous. Counter malicious surveillance technology with this pattern.

T-Shirts sourced by 'Earth Positive' who are an organic and ethically made manufacturer who use wind and solar power to promote awareness and take action on climate change in one of the worlds most damaging industries of fashion. A T-Shirt with a positive social and minimal environmental footprint. 

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17 Hours With Dance Music's Biggest Influences

We're looking back at some of dance music’s most influential artists seeking motivation through their various stories and wisdom. We bring to you hefty 17+ hours of handpicked interviews and lectures with wise words from Aphex Twin, Iggy Pop and...

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10 Rave And Music Documentaries You Need To Watch

And if we can’t rave, we shall live vicariously through those who have. Bringing you our quarantine starter pack of specially curated Raving Documentaries to get you through those unfulfilled days and nights… and who knows, maybe you’ll pick up...

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It's this time of the year! Love it or hate it, Valentine's is here so whether you're a single pringle or off the market, we're giving away 2 for 1 tickets to a selection of our upcoming shows until Monday* to...

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